Smart, responsive and elegant, the Copenhagen Wheel is a new emblem
for urban mobility. It transforms ordinary bicycles quickly into hybrid e-bikes that also
function as mobile sensing units. The Copenhagen Wheel allows you to capture
the energy dissipated while cycling and braking and save it for when you need
a bit of a boost. It also maps pollution levels, traffic congestion,
and road conditions in real-time.



Controlled through your smart phone, the Copenhagen Wheel becomes
a natural extension of your everyday life. You can use your phone to unlock and
lock your bike, change gears and select how much the motor assists you.
As you cycle, the wheel’s sensing unit is also capturing your effort level and
information about your surroundings, including road conditions, carbon monoxide,
NOx, noise, ambient temperature and relative humidity. Access this data
through your phone or the web and use it to plan healthier bike routes,
to achieve your exercise goals or to meet up with friends on the go.
You can also share your data with friends, or with your city – anonymously
if you wish – thereby contributing to a fine-grained database of
environmental information from which we can all benefit.


The Copenhagen Wheel turns the bike you already own, quickly and easily into
an electric bike with regeneration and real-time environmental sensing capabilities.
The wheel harvests the energy you input while braking and cycling and stores it for
when you need a bit of a boost. At the same time, sensors in the wheel are collecting
information about air and noise pollution, congestion and road conditions.

The Copenhagen Wheel differs from other electric bikes in that all components are
elegantly packaged into one hub. There is no external wiring or bulky battery packs,
making it retrofittable into any bike. Inside the hub, we have arranged a motor,
3-speed internal hub gear, batteries, a torque sensor, GPRS and a sensor kit that
monitors CO, NOx, noise (db), relative humidity and temperature. In the future,
you will be able to spec out your wheel according to your riding habits and needs.

Live in San Francisco? Add more battery power.
Interested in real-time applications? Increase the number of sensors.

Lastly, the wheel is controlled through your Smart Phone and becomes a natural
extension of your everyday life. Simply place your phone on the handlebars, and
its Bluetooth module syncs with the Bluetooth module in the hub of the Copenhagen Wheel.
You can then use your phone and our Copenhagen Wheel Application to unlock and lock
your bike, change gears, select how much the motor assists you and for viewing
relevant real-time information.

Copenhagen-wheel 22wheel

CopenhagenWheel_credit-Michael D Spencer 2013_022 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA cph_wheel0811


The Copenhagen Wheel was unveiled on December 15, 2009 at the COP15

United Nations Climate Conference. The project was conceived and developed
by the SENSEable City Lab for the Kobenhavns Kommune. The prototype bikes
were realizedwith the help of our technical partner Ducati Energia and funding from
the Ministry for the Environment.



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