to celebrate the opening of their new product engineering centre in beijing, mercedes-benz introduced a sports utility coupé for the future: the ‘G-Code vision concept’. under the direction of the main office in sindelfingen, the advanced design studio within the daimler product engineering center in beijing created a technology-focused SUC with coupé-like side lines and dynamically flowing greenhouse. the latest addition to the silver arrows family integrates a variable plug-in hybrid drive system with long electric operating range and a turbocharged combustion engine that runs exclusively on hydrogen


when the G-Code is parked, it produces a decentralized generation of electricity; a high-tech ‘multi-voltaic’ silver paint finish replenishes the power supply, acting like a giant solar cell. the high-tech coating has also been engineered to be charged ‘electrostatically’ with wind when the vehicle is stationary. according to mercedes-benz, ‘these electrical charges are tapped and likewise used for the methane and hydrogen synthesis.’ a unique ‘power on the move’ suspension also aids in the generation of electricity. springs and dampers are hydraulic and networked via a central control unit – the rebound of the springs and dampers drives a compact current generator.


the sports utility coupé has drawn reference from the popular starship enterprise from the star trek television series with the digital radiator grille. in place of a conventional grille, the central ‘warp drive’, as the german luxury manufacturer refers to it, boasts two chrome louvers in the front that are surrounded by a continuous display. two full-LED headlamps extend from the depth of the lights like the lens of a digital camera and focus the light in line with the driving and traffic situation. in addition, an LED light strip across the entire rear provides a stage for the G-Code with various illuminations for turn indicators, tail lights, and brake lights.


the interior has been designed to deliberately let digital and analogue worlds collide. the combination of classic cockpit elements and state-of-the-art high tech stimulates the senses. the steering wheel, which rests in the instrument panel, unfolds like a butterfly and together with the integral head-up display, also moves into an ergonomic driving position. the built-in wide-screen display spans the entire width of the instrument panel and provides a clear overview of the various vehicle and multimedia functions, all of which feature intuitive driver controls.

mercedes-benz-G-Code-vision-concept-multi-voltaic-paint-turns-into-a-solar-panel-designboom06 mercedes-benz-G-Code-vision-concept-multi-voltaic-paint-turns-into-a-solar-panel-designboom01

all images courtesy mercedes-benz


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