The PC world is in turmoil. In spite of tablets, computers and even sell back to the old Mac pulling Apple accounts, far more than the iPad. So from the point of view of innovation that PC is a world that is back on the scene.


For example, Sprout, an all-in-one Windows just launched by HP that really something new. It is a 23-inch designed for creativity and developed with Intel, Microsoft and Adobe for one purpose: to find a way to do without the keyboard and mouse. The solution is a mat mat placed at the base of the PC and a projector, which instead is above.

Well, and how is it used? HP offers a new approach: the content you are working on are projected on the mat thanks to three integrated cameras. This system projects on the base’ a virtual keyboard to write, but also detects the movements of our hands or a digital pen or other objects, allowing us to interact with the computer so completely different from what we are used to.


Other features: i7-4790S processor, Full HD IPS capacitive display, 8GB of RAM, Nvidia GT-745A, storage, hybrid HDD + SSD and 1 Terabyte battery 6 hours of battery life. Coming November 9 in selected US stores at a cost of $ 1899 and qualified staff to teach how to run.

go from thought to expression in an instant

From the Sprout HP website:

We believe hands can do amazing things. What will you do with yours?

Blending the physical and digital worlds that you live in, Sprout unleashes your creativity like never before.

Sprout features

A creativity station. A fully functioning PC. Whatever you want to call it, Sprout can do it.

reimagine what you can do

Bring ideas to life like never before. Sprout’s dual-screen multi-touch experience and capture of 3D objects means you don’t just see your idea, you can touch, move, manipulate and share it. Making your ideas real is now so easy.

I really hope i can get one soon …. I love Sprout 


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