DIO_1211 DIO_0056 DIO_0124 DIO_0169 DIO_0260 DIO_0354 DIO_0436 DIO_0462 DIO_0533 DIO_0575 DIO_0691 DIO_0790 DIO_0816 DIO_0902 DIO_0929 DIO_1007 DIO_1104o democratize couture. This is the message conveyed by Dior’s Creative Director, Raf Simons. The designer continues his search for modernity started three months ago with his haute couture collection. “I wanted to create something more modern, more dynamic, more real. I wanted (the idea of couture) to be made available to a wider audience,” said Raf Simons. From 18th century up to now, from court coats to streetstyle, Simons goes beyond; he starts from the past that he reinterprets with fresh modern eyes: hoop skirts are now worn with a simple tank top, bermuda shorts are borrowed from the world of skateboarding, 18th century tailcoats are morphed into loose coats while jumpsuits in tech materials evoke astronauts’ uniforms. Once again, the Dior collection reads like a journey into fashion history, an adventure through three centuries of costume history and the result, conceived and created by Simons, proves that modernity is the attitude of making something dramatic look easy, of simplifying the past and reinterpret it with new eyes and techniques.


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