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Like a breath of fresh air blown in on a warm summer breeze, the last Missoni show  reminded the rain soaked audience that this week was supposes to be all about dressing for the summer months.

It’s understandable to think that more then a few of the front row guests might have forgotten that fact, considering all the dark-hued shows and abundance of leather and suede that has shown up on the Milan catwalks this season.

Not so at Casa Missoni.

This up-beat collection, filled with feather-light knitwear in sweet rainbows of color combinations, was truly lovely in its easy nonchalant approach to fashion. Everything was fluid or voluminous and more often then not semi-sheer.  The collection was designed by Angela Missoni to lightly caress the body. Think the perfect pieces to wear during next summer’s hot and sticky heat waves.

There was also a hidden feel good element to the show. Missoni teamed up with the WFTO certified fair trade company SeeMe to create the lining for some of the Missoni dresses. They were all hand made by women who have been victims of violence in the slums of Ankara.

But as laid back as this collection was, Missoni was still able to maintain a sense of chic sophistication in her silk oversized men’s shirts, colorful short-sleeved trench coats, palazzo pants and maxi dresses. The silk scarves that bundled up the models hair with a twist only added to the show’s sense of refinement. It was too bad the thong sandals did not.

Nice show and beautiful color. Well done Missoni !!!!!


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