The Poncho is the mantle typical clothing of the peoples of South and Central America, with a central opening through which passes the head. The Paracas, a population that preceded the Incas, dressed Poncho already 500 years before Christ.6a00d8341c7a6053ef01a73dfc5f48970d-800wi

Going through the centuries is in the middle of the 19th century that the Poncho spread throughout South and Central America.


From the Araucanian in Chile to the Argentinian and  Mexicans Gauchos, even using different names such as: Pala, Chamanto, Jorongo, Gaban, the Ruana The Poncho becoming the most used and popular garment , up to the present day with different uses and more refined.

Ivan Bellanova Poncho

A new Italian Fashion Brand, IVAN BELLANOVA introduces its line of Beachwear Poncho, a unique series of colorful prints and fun Poncho.

18  phantasmagoric prints that will wrap you in a world full of color and life.

You can close your eyes and travel with the imagination in the beautiful and most exclusive corners of the earth wearing the poncho IVAN Bellanova.

Ivan Bellanova Poncho
Ivan Bellanova Poncho
Ivan Bellanova Poncho
Ivan Bellanova Poncho


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