01 - U2 - SONG OF INNOCENCE - NEW ALBUM COVER 02 - U2 - BOY - 1979 03 - U2 - WAR - 1983 04 - U2 - APPLE - PRESENTATION 05 - U2 - APPLE CEO

U2 have chosen their site to reveal the image of the cover of the new album “Songs of Innocence”, due out October 13. The image, taken by Glen Luchford portrays drummer Larry Mullen Jr. and his son Aaron Presley. “It reflects the new songs and their inspiration to the early years of U2 as teenagers in Dublin,” said the band’s frontman, Bono. The photo, with Larry that protects the eighteen year old son recalls, “Boy”, the iconic band’s debut album dated 1979, and “War” of 1983: both were present in the face of a child, Peter Rowen, the younger brother of Guggi , a childhood friend of Bono. “U2 has always been a community with family and friends. ‘Songs of Innocence album is more intimate than we did. With this record we were looking for the raw, naked and personal, to go back to basics,” added the singer . The idea of ​​the unique relationship between a parent and a child, the image of a father and his son, came from the band. The photo with Larry and his son was initially an experiment, but we all loved as a visual metaphor for the disk. “If you know the album,” says Bono, “you will see the themes of visual language and how it is much more difficult to hold on to their innocence than to that of someone else.”


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