Will debut in just over a week, one of the main novelties in the second half of 2014 for the engine market and, without a doubt, the most awaited news of the year for Fiat. At the Paris Motor Show in 2014, in fact, will be unveiled, a preview of the new Fiat 500X, the compact crossover that will attempt to give a whole new dimension to the sub-brand and 500 in the entire Fiat brand that, in Europe, struggling to establish itself as a brand able to drag the FCA group in terms of sales also due to a reduced range, in fact, to a minimum.

For now, Fiat has declined to reveal specific details about its new Fiat 500X that has appeared, as well as in some spy photos, a few teaser video. The event of the Paris Motor Show 2014 will be the right opportunity, then, to look closely at the car.

By the time the project Fiat 500X know very little. Of course, the car will be built at the plant in Melfi where it will be produced in parallel to the twin Jeep Renegade, one of the most interesting models from the current range of home Jeep.

For the engines of the new Fiat 500X should, instead, wait for the official presentation. The new car Fiat should submit a list of three petrol, a 1.4 or 1.6 100 hp and two 1.4 MultiAir Turbo 140 and 170 hp. The range of diesel units should comprise two proposals, a 1.6, available in two steps of power between 105 and 120 hp and a 2.0, available in 140 and 170 hp.


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