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Instead of showing an advertisement for a perfume launch or a new accessories line, as he is wont to do, Giorgio Armani commissioned a short film by Oscar winning director Paolo Sorrentino to open his spring/summer 2015 presentation.

The dialogue free images of a deserted beach, a bobbing view of an empty seaside village as seen from the ocean, the undulating outlines of sandy backs, the sounds of ocean breezes and one frolicking wet dog, all combined to instantly transport Armani’s audience far far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sand – the title of the film and the collection- was Armani’s starting point for this lovely and languid show. Its grainy consistency was transformed into shimmering crystals and beadwork on evening dresses. Its wind sculpted wave patterns transposed onto other light silk skirts and tops. Its warm, golden-brown hues permeated the entire line. Even the beige snakeskin pieces at the start of the show somehow worked within the overall concept.

When Armani wasn’t running the sand idea through his designer fingers, he turned to its symbiotic ally, the sea. It was represented subtly in the rounded easy silhouettes of the show and Armani’s choice of fabrics, which often had a liquid movement to them.

To finish off a collection about sand and sea, the designer transformed his final model into a siren caught in a net of shimmering tulle covered in crystals. As she walked barefoot down the catwalk in her custom Armani gown, it was easy to understand why she gave up living under the ocean for a life on solid ground. Wearing Armani can have quite an effect on a woman.


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