The Concepts and Work of Issey Miyake


Miyake’s unwavering approach to creation is the freedom to have ideas, unconstrained by any preexisting rules or framework, and to be able to make them realities through a tenacious process of research and experimentation. Miyake works in a manner that not only advances his own ideas but also cultivates skills in the people around him, constantly pushing both the tradition and the evolution of design.


Today, Miyake is working toward his next stages of creation. Along with Sachiko Yamamoto and Manabu Kikuchi, who have served for many years as production chiefs for Issey Miyake’s collections, Miyake put together a select team of both experienced and young staff and established a new laboratory called Reality Lab. Reality Lab is already concurrently working on new designs that are intimately connected to society. These projects stem from the extensive research undertaken in preparation for the XXIst – Century Man exhibit directed by Miyake at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT in 2008, and have since expanded into new research and development. The work at Reality Lab includes the development of environmentally-friendly and resource-conscious materials to remake and recreate even better things. In 2010 the group presented the 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE collection, as well as the IN-EI ISSEY MIYAKE lighting collection for Artemide in 2012 at Messe Frankfurt’s Light + Building and the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano (the Milan Furniture Fair). The collections have each received great responses from throughout the globe.


Making ideas, making things that have never been made before, and making new realities. Miyake continues to adopt this principal in his continuous creation of newer, ever more advanced designs for the 21st century.



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