Fashion as theatrical performance: the Louis Vuitton fashion show in the station.

A big clock in the background marks the time of the big event. The setting is the ‘900s, the context is highly placed and sophisticated. And here between brakes screeching on the tracks and vapors fired that dissolve slowly emerges the great locomotive and from there begins the show. We are in the Louvre in Paris. The models fall one by one from their carriages in Mary Poppins style, accompanied by their faithful porter, who helps carry the luxurious Louis Vuitton trapeze, travel, bowling bag. They are noble, are retro, are the symbol of fashion. The clothes are almost secondary in front of this show. Silhouette of three parts with cape, dresscoat and short trousers above the ankle embellished with embroidery, decorative buttons and applications that are made, more and more precious.
The inspiration is the runway of Miuccia Prada. It was Marc Jacobs for the French fashion house to create it for Paris Fashion Week autumn / winter 2012. A pharaonic showwas defined. The fashion that aims to devise a representation that can support the media exposure of the product, turning into a real theatrical performance.

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